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13 février 2015 5 13 /02 /février /2015 09:01
France does not support the dictatorship in Djibouti and Africa-Houssein IBRAHIM HOUMED

France does not support the dictatorship in Djibouti and Africa

Letter date by me Comrade President, François Hollande President of the French Republic asking him to support the Djiboutian people and the democratic transition in Francophone Africa.

François Hollande
President of the French Republic

Mr. President,

This is as a French citizen born in the Republic of Djibouti that I have hereby request from your high benevolence kindly support the political transition in Djibouti.

Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh, in power for over 40 years. First as Chief of Staff of his uncle Hassan Gouled Aptidon from 1977 to 1999, then as self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Djibouti, starting in 1999.

A former police officer cited in several cases by our intelligence services. A note from the DGSE describes him as a "man wheeler, corrupt and without any moral or human scruples." There are some years, he was openly burn the French flag under the windows of the Embassy of France in Djibouti and he was advertising. He is one of those that prevent the Republic of Djibouti to develop, by organizing the looting of its scarce resources with the complicity of his tribe and the clan of his wife who have established a system of predation, while citizens die from malnutrition in cities and are facing starvation in the hinterland. The virtual absence of care and education adds to the decor unusual and have nothing to do with the essential mission entrusted to the Francophonie. At the same time, a youth, distraught, continue to flee the country that offers no future prospects.

Ismaël Omar Guelleh is also the man who orchestrated during the civil war of 1991-1994 war crimes, genocide and "crimes against humanity" against AFAR community. As for torture carried out against opponents, under his authority as head of National Security since 1977, they have traumatized generations of Djibouti in sparing no community.

Moreover, a complaint was filed by me November 22, 2013, against the self-proclaimed president of Djibouti to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

I do not want our country, France, now frequently unsavory political leaders. When the media announced the forthcoming visit of our Minister of Defence in Djibouti, Jean-Yves Le Drian, which I was a fellow candidates in the regional 2010 in the town of Rennes, I hurry to remind you that in a recent speech in Senegal, you said that France "would be with the people" in the African continent and that would accompany the democratic transition. You cited the example of the Burkina Faso where it had happened a revolution that ousted dictator Blaise Compaoré.

You will agree with me that 40 years of suffering, it is too! France should not send his ministers and senior representatives from the self-proclaimed President Ismael Omar Guelleh, before it gave reliable pledges and not empty promises. Any official visit of the personalities of the Western world is indeed interpreted by the people of Djibouti as a support for the dictator.

We know that his declarations of love for the Francophonie and the French language, expressed in the magazine Jeune Afrique, is pure falsification of truths: "Francophonie protects us, we want it. Ethiopia and Dubai are calling for French teachers Djibouti. "Yesterday, he treated Francophone Djibouti intellectuals to be "pure product of France." Is meant by then he has little esteem for France and opponents "Francophone".

I hope, Mr. President of the Republic, as you share the spirit of these lines and on behalf of the values defended from the outset by the Socialist Party, France will no longer support dictatorships in Africa. I ask you, Mr. President of the Republic, to promote the democratization of the Republic of Djibouti and Francophone Africa, which would be a noble and legitimate mission.

It is time that France, home of human rights, breaks the convenience relations with Ismaël Omar Guelleh which I have just described a portrait far short of reality (in sponsored crimes throughout the Horn of Africa).

Thank you for the interest that you will grant my request and ask you to believe, Mr. President of the Republic, the assurance of my respectful greetings.



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  • Blog dédié  à toutes les victimes de la dictature djiboutienne- Houssein IBRAHIM HOUMED
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