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1 novembre 2015 7 01 /11 /novembre /2015 19:45

INFO ALERT: ferocious repression: A black Sunday in Djibouti

Guelleh urged its militias against the people of Djibouti, against young opposition Movement (MJO). A blind repression is ongoing in my country that seeks to get rid of a tyrant who holds unchallenged power for 40 years!

Balance Gedi Moussa, the girl in the photo who wanted to die fighting would savagely tortured, drive forward in her order of Guelleh and she would be at this time and held in a secret location with his other comrades. She faces death. It is part of young MJO. They are college students or high school students. Many women are also in prison.

Tonight, the most powerful union Djiboutian Hassan Cher denounces indiscriminate repression medieval and invites all of the Djiboutian diaspora in Europe and America to urgent and extraordinary summit in Geneva. The Deputy Doualeh Ofleh says overtaken by disproportionate means and weapons of war used against Djibouti's youth. The political party of Uguta-Toosa Dr. Ali Coubba unreservedly condemns the repression against the civilian population.

It is a black Sunday for Djibouti: bullets rained in the inner city Balbala. For now, we do not know the number of dead and wounded. The arrests are numerous. Sunday Djiboutian population refused to provide support for the 4th term of Mr. Guelleh. Dissatisfied, he deployed his tribal militia and mercenaries from Somalia and Ethiopia. This shows us that the Republic of Djibouti is once again a fierce dictatorship where there s no public liberty or freedom of expression, no freedom of opinion.

The people of Djibouti is more than ever determined more than ever to free his country.

African people and the world, are a huge chain of solidarity of my people of Djibouti!

Homeland or death we shall overcome!

Long live the people of Djibouti!
Vive Burkina Faso Free!
Long live Africa soon free!


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  • : Blog dédié à toutes les victimes de la dictature djiboutienne- Houssein IBRAHIM HOUMED
  • Blog dédié  à toutes les victimes de la dictature djiboutienne- Houssein IBRAHIM HOUMED
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