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1 juin 2016 3 01 /06 /juin /2016 07:39

In London, meeting with the Prince of AFARS Adan Bodaya

A getaway to London to enjoy its wonders but also for meetings with important personalities of the commumaute AFAR. After Belgium and Sweden, The United Kingdom is the 3rd country that houses a number of Afars.

I met to this day Bank Holiday, the Prince of AFARS, excellence Adan Bodaya, grand-son of King Mohamed Bodaya who reigned from 1910 to 1960 on the powerful kingdom of Ethiopia Dawe, Adan Bodaya is an intellectual weight , brilliant academic who is noted for his sharp work on the history and culture in the AFAR Horn of Africa.

As General Gali ASS MOHAMED, he observes with concern the evolution of the conflict between the Afars and Issas and points the clanico-tribal diet Ismael Omar Guelleh and extremists issas subservient to his canvas and anachronistic facisants of axioms and continue to be perpetrated with total impunity the anti-genocide Afar with the means of the Djiboutian State.

Prince Adan Bodaya is one of those men with whom one loves drag on the present moment. I, the French AFAR has learned a lot after this afternoon on my culture, my people and its history. A Bodaya HE is a living library. He is a founder of the powerful Afar Community Association in the UK for which I have initialed the general ledger.

In London, people AFAR has is a base and a seat that request has not be copied in the rest of Europe.

Homeland or death we shall overcome!

Long live the People AFAR!

Vive Burkina Faso Free!

Long live Africa soon free!



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  • Blog dédié  à toutes les victimes de la dictature djiboutienne- Houssein IBRAHIM HOUMED
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